Friday, October 14, 2011

Chippy LOCO?

Should I change my name?? I have recently gotten the chippy bug! It's a sickness! I Seriously want to chip up EVRYTHING I get my hands on! hahahah I am REEEAALY trying to control myself on a cute project I have coming up BUT for now....Chippy Shabby? Comin' right up....

Ain't she cute?! I want to keep all my pieces but this one is really calling my name..I love the drawer pulls, the re-done mahogany top, and of course the chippy paint..ugh'! decisions, decisions... Any who, here is her                      
1940's Maddox furniture, knee hole executive desk.
I had to clean it with what seemed liked 2 gallons of TSP to get all the POLISH off of this thing! Note to self Folks,..Just because you used seventy two cans of Old English furniture polish on it, It does NOT hide the horrendous staining job ya' did....Jus' Sayin.. = /

So I got her cleaned up and used the compressor to blow out all the dust bunnies.With this piece I actually used some spray on primer because the mahogany was bleeding through the 2 coats of ASCP I tested on a small spot.

Then I used some stripper to get all of the 4,789,293 coats of stain off of it..No exaggeration..Look at this!!! 

eewwww..It looks like the thing is shedding turds! eye yi yi!

Any way, we got all the stain off, sanded her down to her birthday suit and let her BREATH for awhile while I painted and chipped away..

I always start upside down, makes life soooo----o much easier when painting  furniture!

The top was a labor of love and I hope it shows.. I conditioned the wood with wipe on wood conditioner, 

and stained her with "Espresso" stain from Varathane,  I then applied 4 coats of Shellac (Drying about 4 hours in between coats)  

And heeeeerre she is.....

uh', Jossy & Frank! Get outta' my photo shoot!!! :)
Sorry bout' that...HERE she is!

 Hope you likey...look for her in our Etsy store!

Happy Painting erry' body!

Monday, October 3, 2011

I found some peeps!

 Hey Errybody  
OK, So this weekend I did a small flea market at a local vintage store here in my hometown. My kinda' peeps for sho'..Junkers, Funny, LOUD (You know I LUV loud) and we had a blast. I did pretty well, and was even asked a few times to get a spot there at their store...I'm seriously considering it now..I mean, otherwise all this stuff is doing is collecting dust in my garage...We. Shall. See...Here are some picts of the booth and the show..

Magnolia Vintage store La Habra, CA

That's meee =)

Cute lil' dresser BUT I'm not feelin' the cream....MAYBE turquoise!
This sistah' needs a POP!

My AWESOME neighbors..Ana and Diana. So sweet!

In his 2 hands booth
Too cute!!
This is so creative...signs made from old license plates!!
25 dollars! I didn't know that until I blew up the photo!! waaahhhhhh I wah' one!

Another neighbor who MAKES these canopy covers, too cute!

Thanks for checking in on me!