Saturday, August 24, 2013

One cool cat!

OK..First of all I KNOOOOOOW I'm pushing 40!


BUT, no matter HOW old I get I will never release my love for the "Kit" Taaaaay!

 I grew up in the 80's era of :

 Hello Kitty,

 Land of the lost,

 and My little pony..

The REAL My Little pony...Not the slutty versions...
P.S..Who the hell's bright idea was it to sexualize My little pony?!

Like, Really?! Why the fake lashes, long porn star hair?!
Who wants a slutty pony?
Don't answer that!

He Might?.... =0


So, with me being in paint hibernation helping everyone else..My very first piece out of the cave had to be FUN!
Buck the rules!

So here she is...A Hello Kitty "NERD" Side Table:

She wasn't always this cute though...She used to be "Frumpy Franny!" from the Goodwill..

Just a plain Jane little end table..I was gonna' go the whole "Shabby" route...Old White...some distressing...clear/dark wax yadda yadda...blahblahblah..BORIIINNNNNG but, I said NO!

She needs some COLOR! Also, I had been dying to try out some of the stencils Deborah got in at Peinture  
so I got busy painting her in a fun Turquoise (A mix up of Florence, Provence and couple drops of Napoleonic)

Ok. WAIT! Eerrrrrrt! Stop the presses...THESE.ARE.AMAZING! (Said in your DEEPEST Oprah voice)

I found these at Big Lots! (Or "MacFrugals", for you East of the Mississippi folks)

They're "Bed Risers" I have no idea why you wouldn't just buy a friggin' box spring, and  frame for your bed to get it off the floor??! but what.ev's..
I thought nooooooo I can use them to get my pieces off the FLOOR and paint the legs and everything alot better instead of flipping upside down to get to the bottoms...!

O.K Sorry for the A.D.D interruption.. So, got here painted up, painted the top in Pure White then realized I didn't get the stencils! So, I did what every good DIY'er does...I turned to YouTube! I found this lady, Amanda  from "Mommy is CooCoo" blog who did THEE most easy to follow video on how to paint chevron stripes like EVERRRR!

I did as she told and Voila'! It turned out amazeballs...

To get the image of Hello Kitty on there, I used my good ole' $20 Overhead projector from Craigslist and a free image of Hello Kitty from Google images printed onto a transparency..Taped down the image..VERY important..the projector heats up AND it has a fan blowing to keep the machine cool at the same time..NOOOO BUENO when you are trying to trace an image onto something and the mother clucker justs drifts off the top of the glass! Ggrrrrrrr...anyway take my word for it..

Lay the piece on it's side..Lay down on your stomach, grab a pencil and LIGHTLY start tracing your out line..It actually doesn't take too long to do!

Once the outline was done, I grabbed a couple small artist brushes a bottle of black Acrylic craft paint and filled in the head and glasses..

Now, for the bow..I did the inside of it with 2 coats of Annie Sloan's Emperor Silk
and don't get me wrong..It looked great but it need a lil sumin' sumin'
So, I poured out about 1/4 cup of Mod Podge, grabbed a bottle of Martha Stewarts teeeeney, tiiiiiiiiiny super fine glitter and dumped like 1/4 of the bottle in there! =0. I wanted glitter damn it! ;]

Well - A glitter bow I do have...Voila!

 And there she is folks, in all her feline splendor..

oops! forgot to show ya' the LEOPARD drawers...Meow!

Thanks for stopping by..I am totally addicted to this damn projector I'm sure you'll see more projects using it BUT you have my scouts honor..NO HOOCHIE PONIES!


You know this girl likes to party!