Monday, February 27, 2012

Pinterest addiction...

Hi guys,

Last night I was on pinterest , and I was looking over some of the boards I have..And ya' know what .I have some pretty friggin' awesome pins on there! It set a fire on my a** to actually start DOING some of these projects..I think alot of them would be perfect for the shop, and most are really inexpensive! I wanted to share with you guys some internet awesomeness that I've found...

Ruffles,Ruffles, Ruffles!!
Know what this is? It's Genius is what it IS! It is those pink plastic streamers that you use for birthday parties.
All you do is pull and stretch the sides and VOILA!.. Ruffled streamers! Lub it <3

Giant Lolipops? 
Yes, Please!

I luv these GIANT lollipops over at Charming little nest...The tute is very thorough and would be so awesome for a birthday party or even a candy themed Christmas? (Yes. It is February and I said the word Christmas...Forgive me!)

Cheapest wreath form EVAA'!!!!
Now, I know your gonna click on this one and be like "ANOTHER coffee filter wreath. Really bitch !?&*
I KNOW  I too, wanna vomit if I see another one BUT! I thought what she used as the actual wreath form itself was so clever! Instead of going to Michales and buying a styrofoam wreath to use, and probably paying 5 - 6 bucks...She went to the plumbing dept. at Home Depot and bought a six foot piece of foam tubing (for pipes) for .97 cents!! Cut it down to the size she needed and just taped up the ends! ANNDD with a six foot piece she probably has enough to make 3 or 4 wreaths out of that ONE piece. THIS is probably my most re-pinned  pin on there..
Alright well, gotta' run..Michael's will be opening soon!! Oh, as a parting gift to you all.. Here's a little Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" for ya'...

Glad you understand baby.. LMAO!



Friday, February 17, 2012

Union Jacks!

I know I am sooooo 2011 with this, BUT I finally have jumped across the pond and did my versions of the Union Jack. I have a provincial dresser that I will do BUT I wanted to practice on these 2 side tables.. I think they came out really cute, So I wanted to share with you all in case someone else wants to try it!

You will need
LOTS of painters tape.
Piece of Chalk
Red,White and Blue paint.
Since I LURV Chalk Paint. I chose
Pure White, Emperors Silk and Napoleonic Blue by Annie Sloan.

*Since I did 2 different tables I will be interchanging pictures for the tutorial FYI*

Here is the before:

Clean your piece up (A little diluted TSP is my Fave)

In order to correctly draw out the union jack, I used a very helpful site that you can visit here

Tape off your red cross first..

Paint it, let it dry..and remove the tape..

I taped off the red now and painted the white outline 

Here's where your chalk will come into play! 
Draw out the rest of the flag and keep going..

I did the blue first..

You get the idea...

Here it is all painted, waxed and ready for distressing..

*Note, I LURRRRRV Chalk paint BUT this WAS challenging sanding and distressing, with all the vibrant colors so close to one another because this stuff distresses a little too well for this scenario..Make sure you wax each color section well before you distress, to minimize bleeding/blending of the colors.

Here's the white base table after sanding and chipping..

I then applied a second coat of my dark wax "mash up" to give it an aged patina 
Put your clear wax on a little plate,
Then, mix IN your dark you have a uniform blend of the 
dark wax & the clear and it just makes
it so EASY to wipe off, when it's mixed like this! 

So, apply your dark wax, buff and take their purrdy pictures!

Cheerio Ol' Chaps!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

25 things...

So...Ms. Shauna over at, Perfectly Imperfect is having a 25 random things party.
So, I thought I would dredge up all my random kookieness and share it with the world...Sounds logical right? Here goes....

1. I am a very good cook BUT I cant make biscuits from scratch to save my LIFE!?
Thank GOD for the freezer bag of Pillsbury GRANDS! ;)

2. I am afraid of being out in the middle of the ocean.. Case in POINT....

3. I went to college in New Orleans, and LUV that city!

4. I am loud and obnoxious…and my hubbs is calm and polite? Don't Judge..It works =)

5. I used to LUV roller coasters but now that I'm older..all I think about is the mechanics and what will happen when this thing breaks DOWN! Yikes!

6. I dress like a homeless man most days painting away with yesterdays make up still on... =/

7. I have been to Costa Rica and secretly wish I could MOVE there.

8. I MUST MUST MUST visit Bali before I croke.

9. My In-Laws speak only Spanish and most days we play charades..It is pretty damn hilarious BUT I luv     my mother in law, she is the sweetest person...Some things transcend language barriers..

10. My grandma was one of my bestest friends!

11. My only sister was diagnosed and BEAT Stage 4 Breast Cancer at 36 years old with 4 kids!  
      (Hence, the F*ck Cancer shirt on my profile)
Sis (on Left) and I,  2011
 6 years cancer free, BITCHES!!!!!

12. I am a PROUD, responsible pit bull owner

13. I HATE Birds Feet!!!!!!!!!! They are the creepiest shi* evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’!

14. I don’t eat the tips or hard ends of French fries.

15. I love that Vietnamese hot sauce “Sriracha” I put it on everything!

17. I dream of owning a Shasta (Canned Ham) RV..swooon 

18. I wish I had land to own CHICKENS! (But, I need the fancy footed ones…to cover those feet!)

19. I love the flavor of bananas but won’t eat a whole one…The consistency grosses me out!

20. I have HUGE Feet! Size 11, and YES. It sucks to find cute shoes!
No, these aren't MY feet, but this is what I THINK they look like! lol!!

21. Don't get me wrong..I LUV my digital camera..but I kinda' miss the anticipation of picking up your pictures from the drug store/developer...The suspense of waiting to see what you got was AWESOME. (#PhotoNerd)

22. I HATE folding laundry!

23. My husband once caught me a monkey.On a BOAT. In Nicaragua.

24. Since discovering thrift stores, yard/estate sales I have come to LOATH the mall!

25. I love trolls and gnomes!

( #26. Bonus)..I FIRMLY believe this:

Well,...there ya' have it..a little tiny peek into "Melissa"
Now, lets hear all about YOU!
Come on, do it.
You forget how kooky you are, till you sit down and regurgitate it all up!
It's FUN??! I think..?


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sweet Innocence...

 That's exactly what I thought when I got her all "purdied" up for her picture. She belongs in some sweet little girls room for sure!  I found her at an estate sale back in December BUT, for what ever reason..I never got around to her.Well, with the coming out of Annie Sloan's newest colour "Antoinette" rock star stockist Debbie, from Round the coop gave me a sample pot before it hit the shelves! 
Woohooooo! I knew EXACTLY which piece I wanted to try her out on. 

*Oh! P.S...
  YES one sample pot did this WHOLE desk..2 coats as a matter of fact..I WILL be ordering the quart size of this soon, I really love the color..It looks very nude out of the can BUT when it dries and is waxed it's the perfect antique looking Pink!

OK, enough blah blah blah......let's get to it!

Here she is after giving her a good clean up...

And HERE she is looking like a ROACH in my kitchen..waiting for paint!

1st coat applied, and ready for round two!

2nd coat applied, waxed & some light distressing done already...
I used "Pure White" from ASCP to accent her "spindely" legs

You know I had to dark wax her up!!

The original pulls were nice but I thought some reproduction bakelite ones would be soooo much more girly!

I dark waxed her and chipped her well into the night...and come sun up we have sweet little "Marie"

Look at all those little wood casters..8 of um'! swoon

Thanks for checkin' out my gurl!
Happy Painting everybody 



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