Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Who's watchin' the kids?

Apparently NOT me!
But ya' know what....






Yes, YOU!
You. You, damn blog hop party!
You. You, damn Ginger "dead"cookie tutorial!
You. You, damn "No sew tree skirt"!
Basically, anyone that has posted something
that is sooooo friggin' cute, I just HAVE  to jump my A.D.D ass
 up and do it right then and there..(You like my blame transferring skills, huh?)
Here I am, craftin' away, 
(shoot, it's MIDNIGHT people...thinking "Not a creature is stirring, not even a...
two year old"...WRONG!
; )
OK. So, here's my dilemma..
How do you propose I get all 16 oz. of  Ponds face cream OUT of her hair! 
She looks like she is auditioning to be John Travolta's "mini me" for the remake of Grease! 

 Heeeelllp Bloggers!!

...Have MERCY!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

San Bernardino Swap meet!!

OK. I must reeealy like you guys, because I am about to divulge a little honey hole I frequent...It's not in the best neighborhood...

...The people can be a lil' shady...

, All 32 teeth may or may NOT be present in their craniums at ALL times...

BUT the price is RIGHT  bay~buh!!!!

Yes Junkers, I am referring to the San Bernardino swap meet! I LURVE this place! Seriously, I have never paid more than $10 dollars for ANYTHING I have EVER bought here. I wanted to share some pics with you guys of my trip today with the hubbs...

So...Up at the ass crack of dawn of course!

We got there and it was 41 degrees?!*&%$ are you KIDDING me! For Southern Californians, this is cause for Goose down, North Face PARKAS!

BUT, once we get there! All is right with the world..40 degrees, schmorty degrees! I am in my ELEMENT ya'll!

What I really like about this place is that, it is so REAL. Now, don't get me wrong! I luv me some Barn House boys...or Retreat shows BUT that's for retail shoppers =) They are beautiful and romantic looking and soooo shabby, they're just...DIVINE! but. I'm a buyer, and basically San Bernardino is the TOTAL ass end opposite of that! lol. We're talkin' tarps set out on the ground, banquet tables if your fancy, and HELL, sometimes they just have row after row of boxes YOU can dig through!

There was a lil' bit of everything today...From Antique to Shabby to Primitive/industrial to just plain ole' KITSCH! Take a look...

Antique heaters
Cool Hollywood Regency, glass ash trays = $12 bucks!
$10 brass 3 tier tray
                   Demented blow mold bunny? Yup, I'll take that for a DOLLAR!! He will be awesome at Easter =)
Bunch of old lamps
LOTS of vintage jewlery if that's your THANG
Ole' glass jugs? I'll take that...$2
Nice saddle
Five skeletons for $8 bucks?....Yes please! (Day of the dead, people!)
THIS was gorge! And in REALLY good shape! An old' train trunk, she wanted $150!
Lots of old toy trucks
Spinning Wheel $15
Again, the vendors are...Jolly

There's EVEN a Rasta Santa, to serenade you as you shop! =D

OR a pony ride while you rest your dogs...

leaving the show..

Here's the goods once I got um' home..

Cute little foot stool..

All metal too...

Old vintage chair $6!

total KITSCHY cat, with JEWEL eyes no less!!

Hobnail milk glass lamp

I don't know what this metal thing is but, I'm gonna use it to hang necklaces from at the shop!
Oh the mirror behind it too!, 3 mirrors on this trip...

Old doorknobs, possibly upcycle into a coat rack??

And the score of the DAY! Candelabra...wait for it.....ONE DOLLAH"!!!!!!!!!!!! wooohoooo
So, high tail it out to the 909, and you WILL score my friends, I DID!
See ya' in San Ber~dooooooo


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Here I am!

Hi Lovies! I know I have been neglecting my blog lately =( but, Yes. I am alive...
BUSY. BUT ALIVE!! First off. Did ANY ONE lose their homepage to their blogs recently? I went to put a new post up last week and my WHOLE blog home page was gone! Veeery strange..THEN all of a sudden this morning, it's UP! Weeeeiiird...I thought I might have been hacked? BUT I don't think I'm cool enough to get hacked =( hahahaa! Well I had told you guys before that I was contemplating getting a spot at a local shop to sell my goodies..and soooooooooooooooo I DID IT! I luv it! It's so cute! I still have lot's of decorating to do BUT I wanted to share some pics. to show you all what I've been up too! I have a couple of posts I will be adding over the next couple of days, so I won't stay long..Just let you guys take a look at my new space at Magnolia's Vintage Store here in La Habra, CA

I will take "BETTER " pics with my paparazzi camera later..this was just my little point and shoot for now...I have been here for a month now and I enjoy it. Definitley better than just having it gathering dust in the garage waiting for the next show to roll around!

I have been whippin' out a few desks and a side table AND I got a sample of Annie Sloans new LAQUER! Luuuuuuuuuuuv it! That woman is a friggin' GENIUS I tell ya!
Thanks Debbie, the laquer sample you gave me will last me a year, with the rate this stuff spreads!!
Well, I Hope you all are having an amazing holiday season and I will talk at chu' real soon!