Friday, July 13, 2012


Son of a B!
Wanna know the worst thing about dieting?.....PINTEREST!
Now, I go on there with the best know,exercise ideas..
Healthy recipes..Crafts for the kids...and yah' know what I get stuck on..FOOD PORN! Don't judge.
It's only fair I share it with my buddies right?
So here ya' go. check THIS out..

Banana Pudding CUPCAKES!
UUMMHUMP....What about these bad boys...

ANYTHING. With Marshmallow frosting is right as RAIN, In my book!

I have actually  made these..and let me say..Yum-FREAKIN, oh!

Here is my guilty pleasure ya'll. Yes, I'm talkin' bout the CAP'N! Cap'n CRUNCH that is..Am I alone here?




The only part that I will admit is kinda' gross is the oily film that it leaves behind in the milk?...WTF is THAT?
Like. How does CEREAL excrete oil
N-t-Who...Don't ask, don't tell right?
I love it just the same.

The Cap'n & Marshmallow..GENIUS combo...Shut up Mother.

As you can tell  by the photos..These all come from one Evil Genius..."KristanThis lady is creative,funny and a smart ass to boot! *My kinda gurl ..& She gives you every single one of these recipes for FREE! Woop! I just  lub her. So, hop over to Confessions of a cookbook queen and get your motor runnin'! Oops! I mean. OVEN runnin'