Friday, February 22, 2013


So.....a few weeks ago, I got an email from a previous customer who had an antique dresser of her grandmother's that  was in great shape BUT she wanted to have it "shabbied" *painted, distressed, waxed and all that good stuff..Their FIRST thought was to go with just a basic antique white..PERFECT! Bring it on over!

SO... I stock up on A.S.C.P Pure White and a can of Old White and was ABOUT to get busy when she texts me that they have changed their mind on color...OOKKKKKK...what did you have in mind? "Well, I emailed you a link to Ballard designs. We found a bed in this color that we love!

We want to see if you can match it?..uuhhh...SURE! 
Thee Ballard designs!: The place that sells dog treats for $100 bucks!?@#$%*... 
Ballard Designs: the place that sells rugs worth more than my engagement ring?! yikes...
No pressure right?

 Replicate Ballard Designs..No PROB!Bring it on...teeheehee...Well, ladies and Gentleman..I was intimidated at first BUT chaknow whaaaaaa' I think I did a prett-ie sweet job..I really like it and I hope you do too...

So...It IS a sweet piece..great scroll work and carvings and awesome hardware.... yum!!

Now, at first glance..I thought the color looked like a dead ringer of Duck Egg Blue BUT, if you look at the picture 38,972 times... *But WHO's counting right?

You see MORE than Duck Egg..It's a very GRAY blue .So I got all "Bill Nye the science guy"

 and got busy concocting my "Ballard Blue"

This is at the VERY Beginning of my blend BUT basically it turned out to be 1/2 Paris Gray , 1/2 Provence and a DAB of  Old White by the time I got done!
I did my usual, and turned it upside down 1st to get all the hard to reach bits out of the way..

Painting in the kitchen of course!
*Hey! It was 55 degrees in So Cal...That's INHUMANE conditions to be outside!! ;}

Once the body was done we had to deal with the top... =/

She told me that the body was great BUT it looked like granny momma had been leaving her denture cup on the top of the dresser for 80+ years... =<

It had a pretty gnarly water ring stain... BUT, Restore A Finish to the rescue!




Woohoooo..with THAT done I was able to distress her, and wax her up in clear & dark wax...

and call it a day...

Well there she Ballard knock off...hope you like!
Thanks for stoppin' by...see ya soon!



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