Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bitty in training..

Got this little old glass front cabinet from a client and it was in purrrty bad shape :/
Alot of loose veneer, chipping and what not..took her in, painted the outside in a very light turquoise  mix up of Provence and Old White. Painted the back panel in a pumped up version of Antoinette pink and just because I reaaaally need to do SOMETHING with my vintage fabric hoard *uhhum.."STASH"
I decoupaged some cute little turquoise polka dot fabric on the shelves as well..

As I was staging this to take the picture, I went inside and grabbed all my little granny knick knacks and dust collectors and just thought...Damn! I am going to be one SERIOUS old Bitty! I'm gonna have a  huge problem COLLECTION by then of  Kitschy doo dads, bits, baubles and what nots by then..
Ahhhhh that's the life..just me. my 87 Cats, my blinged out bingo dotters, orthopedic support hose, and my moo moo's. Hell's Yeah, Golden I come!!

Mama's comin' babies., gimme' bout 40 years...

I get's my party on ya'll....