Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thriftin' Treasure of the week!

OK Guys, This week I hit it pretty hard and scored some great deals..The salvation army in Downey was packed AS USUAL but I caught this little bay bayyy comin' in off the truck!  The tag was still on it! I'm gonna take er' home and find a spot for her... Here's a lil' sneek peek Before & After.....

Now, this next lil' gem I scored at a yard sale...Two Junkin' sisters  near me are liquidating their stash..Lucky meeee to have come on the right day....Bow chicha wow wow.......
An awesome vintage cake carrier, It has a little rust on the rim of the carrier but, other than that...It is in great shape. Nuthin' a little cleanser and steel wool can't fix...Look for her soon at my Etsy...Or maybe not....;o...Little does DH know...I have got my sites set on one of those vintage RV''s referred to sometimes as a "canned Ham' when I tell you I have dreams of this thing..I'm not shitting you. I dream of this thing.... 
*SIGH*This one....

Aaaand this one...

Oh. Can't forget about this one!

NOW it would be foolish of me to sell allll my vintage items I have riggghhhht? I mean. I have to save some things for "Geraldine". Yes. She already has a *SIGH* Back to the topic at hand..

Next up is an old cheesy picture frame that looks like someone dropped a little paint on it..(Which is what I'm gonna do...) The frame was in great shape though and this  little 90's beauty is gonna be a righteous chalkboard! I got big plans for her I tell ya'....

And my bestest, bestest score was from a local estate sale...Feast  your eyes on this!!!It is a maple dresser with a drop down secretaries desk! Sweeeeettt!  One knob is missing though..... (Like I care!)

Nice Legs!
Get outta' here, PEARL!

I can't even tell you how much I stole this for...OK...but, just you ok...TEN BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaahhhh. I'm not even bull shittin'! Score. I tell you..SCORE! I used my estate/yard sale tactics and it worked like a charm...( I will do a post on do's and don't s of junkin' later...)
And wait..That's not all, she also had  this sweet Scandinavian chair with a hand woven rush seat,($10 also) In AWESOME condition!

Estate sales are where it's at bay bee..Stay tuned to see what these little treasure turn into...Air kisses...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Duck Egg Blue...drool....

Hi Guys!
O.K. So today SL hubby & I, had a great time playin' with Annie Sloans chalk paint! We got up early and headed down to old Tustin to "Truly Tatterd" shop and grabbed 2 cans. One in "Cream" and the other in "Duck egg blue"  After slipping DH his Nitroglycerin pill @ the register for the mini coronary he endured over the price...($38.00 a QUART!) we were ready to head home! All smiles (Insert rambling chit chat all the way home...Trying to divert the pain, of the loss of 82.00 bucks for paint) LOL. Well, seeing as how this was our first time playing with chalk paint, we opted to test it out on a small piece that we had in our stash. A cute little students size desk that was pretty plain jane when I found it on Craigslist for ten dollars. 
Now, the beauty of this paint is that it alleviates the steps of sanding and priming! LURVE that! So we drug this bad boy on outside and got busy! 
(Oh.. This is DH newest gardening hat...don't ask...)Anywho! So we crack open the can, & commence to pour some into our small painting tray.As DH is pouring I am underneath the tray with my hand...Protecting this damn paint as if it were breast milk! Now, another big whoop for this paint is that apparently, it is supposed to last and last and you shouldn't have to buy another can until...the next ICE AGE! Supposedly. hhump. We. Shall. See.
So we have it in the tray, DH has got the good "Purdy" brushes and he dips the brush, clears the excess, Places the brush on the table and drags the brush oh, so gingerly and eeeekk. Stop. nothing....huh? what's wrong? How come you aren't pulling the brush any further? Come on', quit jokin'...Uh. No. No joke. This stuff isn't budging! Oh LORD. What did I just have him buy??? (I'm never gonna' hear the end of this!) Seriously, he dipped the brush and was able to drag it maybe 8 inches or so across and that was it! uggh. great!  We continue to painstakingly painting the top, and a leg and then a ton of bricks hit me, I remember! This stuff is water based and on the site it says that you can water it down for a thinner application..Yeah, cuz this stuff is goin' on like cake batter! I add a cap full of water from my water bottle and mix it..He dips the brush, applies it to the table drags it..and VOILE! HALLELUJAH! The heavens opened, and purple unicorns blew glitter farts and danced all around my desk! 
See. See how his tail is raised? He's blessin' me RIGHT NOW!

YES! Success. This stuff went on LIKE A CHAMP!! Smooth, like melted butter...and the opacity! yoowza! Water?... What water? The water didn't make it too watery, it didn't make it a wash..nothing! It made it MAGIC! NOW, I understand the cult following that Ms. Annie has acquired...She is a frggin' genius.No sanding, no priming! That takes all the boring poopy steps out and allows you to just get down to the fun stuff, creating shabby awesomeness! We finished the piece with a paste hand wax and put her up on Etsy. 

She sold within 2 weeks and we can't wait to start on more...I have some super cute ideas for a couple of new victims treasures I found..Can't wait to share.

Glitter Kisses!~

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hi erry' Body!

Well, How dee doo? This is my VERY first blog post and I am so excited!My name is Melissa, and I am a Junkin' Disorderly kinda girl with a soft spot for shabby and vintage...My husband has awesome carpentry skills and together we enjoy refinishing and up cycling old furniture. I have some what of a "Quick whit" Like the old granny's like to say...I think that's grandma talk for "Smart Ass!"?...So fair warning.....Just sayin'...Anywho, I am mommy to 3, nursing cover business owner and habitual yard saler, and even...Get this! THRIFT STORE SHOP VOLUNTEER!!! Isn't that great! Now, I can get dibs on the goods before they are even put out! YUM. We have some pretty colorful patrons of the thrift store so I might be sharing those stories as well. I love playin' in my organic veggie garden and embroidery and sewin'.Thanks for stoppin' in, and I hope you stick around to hear about our adventures!

Malibu 2011