Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hollywood Regency?

Nah'....more like HollyWEIRD Regency!
I went to an estate sale this weekend and scored some really cool pieces 
BUT I think one of my favorites has to be this little lady in the back...

Man O' Man! This poor little lamp was a HOT MESS.COM!!!!!!
I saw her sitting in a corner at an estate sale..
She was Gaudy as all get out and diiirrr-T!

Disclaimer * I KNOW this glass shade SuCKS! 
But it's what it came with, I shall be on the hunt for a new bonnet for Ms. Lady...*

First things first, I grabbed my fabuloso, (Which I Luuuurv, )
If you haven't tried the all purpose cleaner called "Fabuloso"
 Oh honey! You haven't LIVED! hahahh
 Truly, it smells soooo goood! OK. Anyway, (Shit, you guys KNOW I get off topic..)
 I cleaned her up..

And once it was all dry, I used ASCP in "Pure White"
 to get the perfect shabby white I envisioned her in!

2 coats later...
Here she is pre distressed / waxed..

Of course, I couldn't leave her like THAT!, 
I brought her in, applied the wax and got to "Shabbying" her up..

Clear waxed applied..

Light Sanding..

And a little dark wax applied...

And here she is.... 

From Hollyweird Regency to Shabby Chic ROYALTY!

 Friday 2/3

O.K., Tell me whatcha' think of this...

What if, I recovered a drum shade...Maybe add ruffles to the bottom?
OR Another person suggested maybe hanging something from the glass shade. I DO Have Chandelier crystals I could hook off of it...

O.K. Officially confused =(

What says you?


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mr. Fancy pants~y!

Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Fancy Pants!

Normally, my pieces are girly or feminine..and for some reason, this one seems masculine? Doesn't he look so suave in his shabby turquoise and brass pulls..

The color is ASCP in Provence and about 1 tablespoon of hunter green in....oh LORD...no one tell my stockist....but you know that .79 cent acrylic paint at every Michaels or Hobby Lobby?..American..brand....yea' well, um...I threw a tablespoon of that in there to darken it up..and guess what?!! It friggin' works like a charm bay buh'! So next time you just wanna' tweak it a little and don't want to buy a ten dollar sample pot..head down to Michaels and taste the Rainbow! ;)

So...here are some in progress shots I took..

Here's his BEFORE:

eh'...nice bones..but nothing special..

You all know I luv to paint indoors, again ANOTHER plus of this paint! (LOOOOW Voc's!!)

Once I got him all painted, I applied Clear Wax..

Yes. Those ARE my .99 cent store brushes!
I use those STRICTLY as a one time wax application brush.

While the wax was doing it's thing..I got all "Bill Nye, the Science guy.." I had read once before that a good remedy for cleaning brass was HOT SAUCE..Apparently it has to do with the Vinegar..and know waahh? IT WORKED! Check it out..

I let them soak in a bowl of hot sauce for about 15 mins....



Now, I will add that when I was rinsing the hot sauce off of the handles, I used a balled up piece of aluminum foil to help with the abrasion..They looked fab!

OK, Back to the desk..

I got my curved edge cabinet scraper and got busy chipping it up!

After, I finished all the distressing and chipping I applied Dark wax here, there, and EVERYWHERE!

And, to remove it....just a lil' glob of Clear Wax.

Well, if you do that 472 times..Ya' end up with this... What Cha' think??

and of course...I'm NOTHING without my sidekick assistant...Mr. Fancy Pants himself...

Thanks for stopping by...

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What the "F" Wednesday!

Well hello there...Thank You for joing me for the VERY 1st W.T.F Wednesday Par~tayyy...
Here are the dumb rules..

There aren't any! 
WTF?!...Exactly, This is a small little corner of the Blogisphere were you can come and party RULE FREE! So, let's VENT, Share, Bitch, Moan and Laugh your ass off! We're all buddies so don't be nasty or overly sensitive...

Remember..."Karma's only a bitch..If YOU are!" 

Now, I did painstakingly take the time to make a cute little button & it would be VERY cool of you, if you could post it in your post or sidebar...So,
Let's get this party train started! I'll go first...

So here was my WTF of this week... Take a look at this singles ad I found recently...

WTF?! Are you shiting me? Please tell me you all read the fine print at the bottom!?Uh~May~zzzzing! Well, next time your complaining about your daughters boyfriend or if your complaining that you don't have a man...It could be WORSE... You could be with THIS ass! uugh...OK My friends the torch has been passed..Party On!

White & Mahogany vintage desk

Well, I must be on my meds!
I'm quite the the poster this week huh'?...And it's only Tuesday!!

I apologize for the lack of before picts... =/  but I wanted to share a nice antique "Angeles Furniture Company" 
Desk I picked up.

Some inside shots..

hmmm.. with or with out the mirror?...

I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in "Old white". (Which you can buy from my rock star stockist Debbie ;) )
I refinished the top using "Restore A finish", since it was in pretty good shape, and sealed it with bees wax. The legs and sides were Stained and distressed using my mash up technique of clear and dark wax. So, that's it in a nutshell...

Hope ju' likey!


Guess whaaaa!

Linda & Sherron over at small holdings farms asked me to do a guest post for them! Can you believe that?! They actually let me loose on their blog!! Hahahaha,(Don't worry Mother, I acted like I had some home training)...lol...They have the cutest store in New York (Too bad, I'm so far away! I could do some damage in there!!) and their tag sales and "Barn sales" look soooooo awesome! Go troll through their blog and get inspired!!

I did a tute on this cute little vintage desk..

 Go on over and chek it out!

Talk to ya' soon!