Friday, June 24, 2011

Hi erry' Body!

Well, How dee doo? This is my VERY first blog post and I am so excited!My name is Melissa, and I am a Junkin' Disorderly kinda girl with a soft spot for shabby and vintage...My husband has awesome carpentry skills and together we enjoy refinishing and up cycling old furniture. I have some what of a "Quick whit" Like the old granny's like to say...I think that's grandma talk for "Smart Ass!"?...So fair warning.....Just sayin'...Anywho, I am mommy to 3, nursing cover business owner and habitual yard saler, and even...Get this! THRIFT STORE SHOP VOLUNTEER!!! Isn't that great! Now, I can get dibs on the goods before they are even put out! YUM. We have some pretty colorful patrons of the thrift store so I might be sharing those stories as well. I love playin' in my organic veggie garden and embroidery and sewin'.Thanks for stoppin' in, and I hope you stick around to hear about our adventures!

Malibu 2011

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