Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oh Honey, I am BLESSED and HIGHLY favored!

WOW!!!!!!!!! The yard sale gods smiled down on me TO-DAY!Wanna help me drool over ma' stuff!?
teehee here we go.....
OK. Seriously I bummed $17 off of the hubs and took out $20 from the ATM and here's what $37 dollars bought me this fine morning...3 vintage Pyrex nesting bowls, a milk glass bed side lamp,milk glass goblet,bubble glass creamer and sugar, vintage flour, coffee and tea tins,an old rocking chair, oak night stand  table, a huge old picnic basket,an excellent condition of vintage nursery room wall accents from the Dolly toy co., a Marston pottery Circa 1950 deviled egg tray for 2 dollars!!!,2 vintage card table cloths Annnnnnd a precious little SKUNK! Oh how I lurve skunks!! You Guys, this is by far my BEST Hunting day to date =) I am in HEAVEN! My husband just wants to know where all this crap is gonna go?! hahahha..I WILL be doing a flea market FOR SURE! I have just too many goodies here & I'm cool like that...I can share tha' love...Maybe I'll see you guys out there! I'll keep ya' posted! 

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