Monday, August 1, 2011

Christmas in July!

Hi erry body!
This weekend was AWESOME, I scored some really great junk! Treasures! I found lots of old Christmas items that I am going to start stock piling becauusse...drum roll please...................................................I have signed up to do a craft/boutique fair in November!!! woot woot! I am really excited and can't wait to see if all my treasure hunting and Saturday mornings in sweats and baseball hats is gonna' pay off?! Since it will be close to Christmas time, I am trolling all the yard and Estate sales I go to for vintage Christmas stuff. I have an obsession affinity for a specific type of Santa Claus....I love the overly jolly,bright red cheeked,completely hammered, drunk off his ass lookin' Santa...

OH LORD! Definitely NOT him! 

I meant THIS one! 
awww..Ain't he sweet! He looks like he has had a liiiiitle bit too much eggnog and should not be operating heavy machinery
or this one..

Now, this one looks like he's about to shove that holly branch where the sun don't shine! hahahahah

 Anyway, so with my antenna up for vintage Christmas, take a look at what I scored..

Don't cha' just LURV the old Santa's? They have an almost creepy, maniacal glare in their eyes...No.? That's only me?..hummm...O.K. Well,now the big Santa in the middle is actually an old candy dish bobble head thingy, his head is on an old spring and his top half twists off! The cool thing I noticed about him you see the tissue paper inside? It says it was made in WESTERN Germany!Nice. Seeing as there IS no more WESTERN or EASTERN Germany officially..I looked it up and it is a candy dish from the 40's! Seeing as how I paid $1.50 for it..I was pretty happy when I saw them on ebay for $40 + Bucks! Very cool! 

Also, I found a cute lil' Kewpie doll and Campbell soup doll for $10! And do you see the little granny plastic trash can with GOLD FLECKS! Choooow! 2 bucks!! Speaking of GOLD how about those plastic place mats?? 

Also, any info on that lil' lamp shade in the back would be appreciated...It's from the 50's the woman told me, and it's made out of some type of card stock. The design is really adorable though, so that's why I got it...Hopefully someone at the Flea Market will think so too!

Wish me luck...Muah!


  1. Hiya,

    I just found you through "Very Merry Vintage Style" and thought I'd hook up and follow you. Looks like you found some sweet goodies. I don't know where you're from, but I wish I could find goodies like that here in AZ. They charge an arm and a leg for stuff like that out here. I hope you stop by and visit me, too, as I do all kinds of vintage stuff.


  2. @ImagiMeri

    Hi Meri! I am in Orange County, California BUT I don't really Junk or Treasure hunt too much in the O.C...Everyone here, thinks that an old E.T doll from the eighties is worthy of "Antique Roadshow" baahhaahahah! Kidding! But, honestly the core of O.C is a little pricey in terms of yard/estate sales..I do most of mine in the Long Beach/ Eastern parts of L.A County..Thanks for the follow and I saw your stuff at your Etsy shop...LURVE those shadowboxes! Good luck to you =)

  3. It looks like you are going in the right direction preparing for your sale. You already have found some real vintage treasures, except one of course.

  4. My first vintage love is vintage valentine's..but vintage christmas is on the list regarding vintage paper, stickers, vintage gift tags..stuff like that..I'm now following you to see your treasures and also be a blogger friend..I love all your new things...
    (found you at Share The Love Wednesday)

  5. There has to be some sort of vintage Christmas conspiracy going on out there because everyone is finding it but me and it's not fair because I love it The Most! Fine.

    Keep us posted about the progress of your show and save some vintage Christmas for me! :-)


Thanks for the message Doll face!