Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Annie's book signing and.... I crapped my pants!!

O.K get out your trifocals...(Do they even make trifocals)??!

this is a long one...

Did you know!?

Did I tell you?!

That Annie Sloan came to Peinture!!

um' yah..it was kind of a big deal.

I'm gonna' go out on a limb and GUESS this was Debbie's reaction when
she found out Annie was coming to HER store..

Like...press, reporters,billboards..the whole shot.

I mean,the woman came to America and only came to 2 stores for a book signing!

We were pretty much cleaning and preparing as if we were 4 nesting pregnant women! *and anyone that has ever nested KNOOOOOWS what I'm talkin' about!

(Isn't that some crazy shit!?) 

anywho, I digress..

Well, we got the shop in tip top shape! Lookin' good, smellin' good..paint displayed like NOBODY's business'..then, since we're awesome and had sold a bunch of pieces we needed filler! Debbie asks if I have anything I am working on and if so, bring it into the shop..so, In fact I had been working on this antique dresser

 and a tooootally cool old secretary.

I finished them up and brought them into the store. We had everything in place. Angela had made some really nice tablecloths and chair pillows using Annie's fabric (which is ridic)...by the way..Debbie brought some new art work in, we had a local tea bar set up a tea social in the back with macaroons, and little finger foods...sorry, no crumpets. (by the way, WTF is a crumpet)? 

and one of our favorite customers had dyed some drop cloth in each.and.every.single.color, using Annie's paint for us..so we had a phenomenal fabric display also. We even recruited the hubs as Security!

*He's been workin' out and shit, so who better to test his new Brawn out on,then some fluffy, middle aged women?..duh'!!*

He's kickin' ASS & takin' names!

So now, all we needed was Annie!

Yeah, this is basically what we looked like waiting for Annie to come..Hope she didn't see us!

She gets there you guys, and it was so funny..My husband was telling me that he was expecting her to pull up in some big Mercedes SUV or a caravan of blacked out chevy suburbans but no, here comes little Annie in her very sensible rented Nissan Maxima. 
Sorry Jose, there will be no blacked out suburbans for you to guard for Annie =<

Anyway, she comes in and you guys this lady is the sweetest,humble and down to earth "celebrity" I have ever seen. I mean, there isn't a pretentious bone in her little body. The First thing I noticed was she stopped dying her hair.. She has the best salt and pepper thang' going on and I lurved it. She immediately came in and was greeting everyone, taking pictures and signing books before we could even get her settled in..and boy did we need to get her settled in! Poor Jose was on the verge of having to crack' some skulls out there! The line was gettin' a little cray cray up in there! Bein' all sassy and thangs' with poor Jose..
"When's she going to start signing"
"Why isn't the line moving"!?

"When are you gonna strip"?
 HAHAHAHAHA kidding. He WISH they were telling him that! ;) anyway Jose dealt with the ladies and ushered them all in..and everyone got there fill of Miss Annie..
She signed away and after mingled about and answered people's questions..

she was taking tons of pictures all over the store and then Jose comes over and bumps me all excitedly..

"Look! Annie is taking a picture of your secretary!!?"

Omgeeeee you guys I basically sharted..right then and there!
She turns around,and says "What a gorgeous piece"!
OK, at that point if I was a peacock you couldn't have gotten NEAR me!

I was cooing, and twirling (in my head) like a fool!

I eventually calmed down... Later on she came over with Debbie and told me what a great piece it was and I told her well, all thanks to YOU and your magical paint! Seriously, I don't know if I can even sell it now! It will just forever be known as "Annie's piece"...

Ha! Who am I kidding..

We're open Wens.- Sunday 11-5...come on down "friend-o"..Cash is King.

Anyway, Annie stayed and talked and laughed and I think she enjoyed her time at Peinture. It was a total success..record sales, yummy food and good music from our resident pianist Trevor..we officially pulled off a uber successful book signing and didn't even have to crack any skulls.
Mission Accomplished!

Melissa, Annie & Debbie
 April 2013

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  1. Thanks for posting about your meeting/greeting with Annie Sloan!!! You are so funny! I am here at work (well, I should be working) laughing out loud. You know, when I saw the first picture of your desk, I thought "Annie Sloan is going to love that desk"...and she did! I do too! What an exciting day.

  2. Sooooo does Debbie need another employee????


    1. As if! You and I together = TROUBLE. I can smell it from here! All 697 miles away..but I still lub u gurrl!

  3. OMG!!!!! What!?! This is bonkers amazing! Love love love this whole post. And, the kid smashing his face against the window, awesome!

    I just showed this post to my husband because it is just the coolest thing ever!!

    1. heehee Thanks Katie,,Yah' I learned some cool techie tricks recently ...can you tell? ha! Thanks for stoppin' by.

  4. Omg! I love you ! First time reading your blog and I almost spit coffee across room more then once! Great visual aids lady!
    Congrats on having Annie visit your store! Wow!

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  6. Oh my gosh. You make me laugh and I mean out loud. This is the first time I am visiting you. I love your pictures. You are so clever. Thank you so much for following my blog.

  7. What a great post! You may not get many men here, but let me tell you that I'm really into Shabby Chic furniture, and your blog was the one that got me hooked. This Sunday is Father's Day here down under and my wife and daughters are getting me my first can of Annie Sloan paint and some clear wax to start my fist project. I know, I know... WHAT A GREAT PRESENT!!!
    I can't wait to open it up!
    Keep up the good work!

    Carlos (no relation to Jose) ;)


Thanks for the message Doll face!