Tuesday, February 14, 2012

25 things...

So...Ms. Shauna over at, Perfectly Imperfect is having a 25 random things party.
So, I thought I would dredge up all my random kookieness and share it with the world...Sounds logical right? Here goes....

1. I am a very good cook BUT I cant make biscuits from scratch to save my LIFE!?
Thank GOD for the freezer bag of Pillsbury GRANDS! ;)

2. I am afraid of being out in the middle of the ocean.. Case in POINT....

3. I went to college in New Orleans, and LUV that city!

4. I am loud and obnoxious…and my hubbs is calm and polite? Don't Judge..It works =)

5. I used to LUV roller coasters but now that I'm older..all I think about is the mechanics and what will happen when this thing breaks DOWN! Yikes!

6. I dress like a homeless man most days painting away with yesterdays make up still on... =/

7. I have been to Costa Rica and secretly wish I could MOVE there.

8. I MUST MUST MUST visit Bali before I croke.

9. My In-Laws speak only Spanish and most days we play charades..It is pretty damn hilarious BUT I luv     my mother in law, she is the sweetest person...Some things transcend language barriers..

10. My grandma was one of my bestest friends!

11. My only sister was diagnosed and BEAT Stage 4 Breast Cancer at 36 years old with 4 kids!  
      (Hence, the F*ck Cancer shirt on my profile)
Sis (on Left) and I,  2011
 6 years cancer free, BITCHES!!!!!

12. I am a PROUD, responsible pit bull owner

13. I HATE Birds Feet!!!!!!!!!! They are the creepiest shi* evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’!

14. I don’t eat the tips or hard ends of French fries.

15. I love that Vietnamese hot sauce “Sriracha” I put it on everything!

17. I dream of owning a Shasta (Canned Ham) RV..swooon 

18. I wish I had land to own CHICKENS! (But, I need the fancy footed ones…to cover those feet!)

19. I love the flavor of bananas but won’t eat a whole one…The consistency grosses me out!

20. I have HUGE Feet! Size 11, and YES. It sucks to find cute shoes!
No, these aren't MY feet, but this is what I THINK they look like! lol!!

21. Don't get me wrong..I LUV my digital camera..but I kinda' miss the anticipation of picking up your pictures from the drug store/developer...The suspense of waiting to see what you got was AWESOME. (#PhotoNerd)

22. I HATE folding laundry!

23. My husband once caught me a monkey.On a BOAT. In Nicaragua.

24. Since discovering thrift stores, yard/estate sales I have come to LOATH the mall!

25. I love trolls and gnomes!

( #26. Bonus)..I FIRMLY believe this:

Well,...there ya' have it..a little tiny peek into "Melissa"
Now, lets hear all about YOU!
Come on, do it.
You forget how kooky you are, till you sit down and regurgitate it all up!
It's FUN??! I think..?



  1. OMG you are a hoot! Most of what you wrote I can relate to. Also love the pics that you used especially the ship. I am with you on cruises just won't do it.

  2. Awesome list Melissa! #23 is my dream. Really it is. But #25 - whoa Nelly, those little things freak me out something fierce! And #11 is the absolute best!!

  3. Ha! Girlz with big feet know how to kick azz(size 10 over here)!

    Love it....


  4. I love Sriracha, too!! So happy for your sister! Cancer sucks!

  5. haha, that was fun! my favorite part of the french fry is the crunchy part :)


Thanks for the message Doll face!