Monday, February 27, 2012

Pinterest addiction...

Hi guys,

Last night I was on pinterest , and I was looking over some of the boards I have..And ya' know what .I have some pretty friggin' awesome pins on there! It set a fire on my a** to actually start DOING some of these projects..I think alot of them would be perfect for the shop, and most are really inexpensive! I wanted to share with you guys some internet awesomeness that I've found...

Ruffles,Ruffles, Ruffles!!
Know what this is? It's Genius is what it IS! It is those pink plastic streamers that you use for birthday parties.
All you do is pull and stretch the sides and VOILA!.. Ruffled streamers! Lub it <3

Giant Lolipops? 
Yes, Please!

I luv these GIANT lollipops over at Charming little nest...The tute is very thorough and would be so awesome for a birthday party or even a candy themed Christmas? (Yes. It is February and I said the word Christmas...Forgive me!)

Cheapest wreath form EVAA'!!!!
Now, I know your gonna click on this one and be like "ANOTHER coffee filter wreath. Really bitch !?&*
I KNOW  I too, wanna vomit if I see another one BUT! I thought what she used as the actual wreath form itself was so clever! Instead of going to Michales and buying a styrofoam wreath to use, and probably paying 5 - 6 bucks...She went to the plumbing dept. at Home Depot and bought a six foot piece of foam tubing (for pipes) for .97 cents!! Cut it down to the size she needed and just taped up the ends! ANNDD with a six foot piece she probably has enough to make 3 or 4 wreaths out of that ONE piece. THIS is probably my most re-pinned  pin on there..
Alright well, gotta' run..Michael's will be opening soon!! Oh, as a parting gift to you all.. Here's a little Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" for ya'...

Glad you understand baby.. LMAO!




  1. Great ideas. Pinterest is really bad that way - so easy to pin and so little time to do them all. I really need to organize my boards better and just start doing...after I conquer my non-pinterest to do list that is....hehehe.

  2. oooOOO...I love the plastic ruffle idea!!

    My name is Fifi and I'm addicted to!

    Haha, I use swimming noodles from the dollar store for my wreaths! I'm a cheap-o when it comes to some crafts.

  3. Shirley said:
    Love your blog. I love anything that doesn't cost a lot of money.

  4. Love your blog and your "realness". lol


Thanks for the message Doll face!