Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I'm a BAD, BAD Blogger!! =(

4 months?! Wow...like really? You don't blog for 4 months! uh..Yeah.. (Dropping head) BUT I have an EXCELLENT reason! My baby girl (Jossy) FINALLY got her feetsies FIXED!

 For those who don't know, my youngest daughter was born with Bi-Lateral (Both feet) Clubfeet.She has been in cast after casts, bars and braces at night..minor surgeries etc..since she was 5 days old!

Here she is with a set of Neon green ones =)
 Every time her feet would straighten out BUT they would relapse.. =/ A tendon transfer surgery was our last resort as it is a MAJOR surgery, not too mention that after the surgery..the patient is COMPLETELY IMMOBILE for 6 weeks! eekkkkkkk..but it was the only option we had left. So, we went ahead and did the operation. Boyyyy was THAT an ordeal..The surgery lasted about 3 hours and lemme' tell ya' when your 4 y.o is having a 3 hour surgery..IT. FEELS. LIKE. 3 DAYS!!!!!! Usually my hubs is the one who kind of checks out and freaks and I'm usually the one to try and keep it light and just try and make the time go by quicker, joke around etc.. BUT this time, I just sat out in the courtyard of the hospital cafeteria with my Diet Coke, threw on my big Jackie O shades and let the tears just stream down my face! I couldn't even pretend and make small talk, this is a HUGE deal. Thankfully GOD must have known that I was slipping into the dumps ,so he sent a crazy homeless lady who started doing her frickin' warm up scale in a FULL OPERA voice! It sounded like when Ursula, the sea witch was stealing the little mermaids voice and she was making her sing "Ah ah ahhhhh, Ah ah ahhhhhhhh"

It was fuckin' hilarious, I couldn't help BUT cheer up! Seriously, this woman must have done her "Warm Ups' for at LEAST 7 minutes! By the time she was finished, both my husband and I were bustin' up. (I know, we're horrible..#sueme)

 Her Dr and nurses were fab and the hospital was so great but, those first couple of weeks after the surgery were ROUGH. She was in alot of pain at night with muscle spasms that would wake her. I told my husband that I think we got more sleep when she was a newborn, fresh from the hospital than after this surgery!! Like they say, "Time heals all wounds" and it did! Thankfully, we are 9 days away from getting the casts off  BUT lemme' tell ya'!  This had been the LONNNGGGEST 6 weeks of my LIFE. This child has been MORE than patient with all the Shi* she has to deal with and I am SO proud of her.

 For Halloween since she was in a wheelchair we made her a totally friggin' AMAZING mermaid Chariot!    

 This kid must have had her picture taken 78,952 times! (And sista' girl posed for EVERY one!) I will do a separate post on the making of the wheelchair costume in case other parents of "Clubbies" want to make their kid-o one. Since, it was actually purrdy easy..THEN my ABSOLUTELY faaaaavorite holiday came up as well! Dia de los Muertos!!

I will also do a separate post showing you guys all the pics and details of our Altar, Costumes  and "Ofrenda" we did at Hollywood Forever cemetery for Southern California's largest Day of the dead celebration.  Stay tuned friends I promise to resume regularly scheduled blogging! Smoooches!

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