Friday, January 2, 2015

Chippy New Years!!

Happy New Year Luvs!

Well, looks like I am starting this year off BUSY! I have 3 commission pieces coming in Saturday and then a large dresser, week after that! Sooo since I know I won't have time to play..I thought I would share a cute little end table that I did a quick flip on and for some reason really hated to see the thing go?! It was just so stinkin' cute!! 

So, I picked up the small little vintage end table from a woman I buy pulls and knobs from. I just purchased some knobs from her and her husband comes into the kitchen holding this little beat up end table. He says, would you be interested in this table for 5 bucks?....

Uh, does a bear shit in the woods?! yea'!! SOLD. Brother.. Got her home, and I noticed that the piece had probably been outside because the front two planks were starting to lift,so I grabbed some wood glue and a couple clamps and put Humpty Dumpty back together again. 

In the morning I took some Vaseline on the tip of my finger and ran it here and there and everywhere to work as a barrier where I DON'T want the paint to stick. I like using this technique because it just creates a nice authentic, organic chippy look and not so much elbow grease. It definitely doesn't have a "scratched up" look it's a more peeling and chipping affect. I grabbed a pot of my favorite, simply white by Cece Caldwell 

(before she changed the formula, wahhhhhhhhh don't get me started!) and gave her a couple coats. Once dry, I just got a plastic putty spatula

and started using it to scrape up the edges and areas where the vaseline
was. Paint comes off like buttah'! Switched out the Little plain knob for an adorable mint green glass knob and it just changed the whole look, but since I'm on a "Cath Kidston"

obsession right now. I had to add some little mint polkadots embellishment on the side of the drawers and I also stenciled a fleur-de-lis "thingamuhbob" on the pull out drawer. She is a changed woman completely!  

Alright,enough slacking off...back to work! Talk to you guys soon.

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