Friday, September 9, 2011

Display cabinet..

Seeing as how I am organizing and prepping like a  nesting, pregnant woman for this antique show...I thought I would whip up a little display cabinet! I found this one at my local Goodwill.

$7.99 BUT She was the color of the day so, half off! woot woot!! OK. Let's get down to it! Annie Sloan chalk paint of course...BUT  I did a little A.S.C.P "mash up" if you will...I wanted a deep "tuquoisey" color BUT "Provence" wasn't dark enough..So I did a mix of Duck egg blue, Provence and Aubusson..

I'm kinda' liking  it too! That's another thing I LURVE about this paint..I can sit at home and play mad scientist! If it's too dark add "Old White" or grey..Whatev' but I don't have to run back to Home Depot like a turd because I picked the wrong color..I'M IN CHARGE, and hell..what woman doesn't LUV to be in charge! hahahaa All right all right...Don't get me started now.

I painted the inside my "turquoise mash up" and then since I wanted to be all fancy and thangs', I hit up the corners with a little of the mash up..I even took it a step further and threw some PINK in the mix too!

I am going to be painting the whole outside "Old White" soooo, I wanted both the blue and pinks to come through when I distress it...To make it look like this is an  OLLLLD piece that has been painted several times.

A.S.C.P Doesn't make this atrocious pink..So I had to rely on this can I bought from Home Depot, "PRE" Annie days. ;)

I painted the whole outside in "Old White" Allowed everything to dry and then got busy distressing!

OK...Here's a little secret I learned from my Kick A$$ stockist Debbie from round the coop 
Since, I love the look of the dark wax on most pieces...but don't want to do all the steps of clear wax, dry, dark wax..then use clear to remove's whatcha' DO! 

 Take your clear, put it on a little plate...THEN mix in, your dark wax too! SMH..

Now, you have all your waxes in ONE., so that when you apply it..It is waaaaaaay more uniform. Whew, Now I don't have to sit there all anal retentive with my tiny, little brush trying to control the dark wax! Member not too many posts ago I was SCURRED' of dark wax! Now, I got my big girl panties on and I'm dark waxin' like a mutha'! Thanks Deb!

Look at all that dark wax loveliness!! And you KNOW I got my handy dandy 99 cent store big brush too!

Here she is all finished up!

Now what kind of blogger would I be without a picture of her all dressed up? She's ready to go to the antique show! (& since so many of you expressed such loathing and down right revulsion of my poor little clown baby from my previous post...I thought I would throw him in for good measure! Wenches!..hahahah 

****************  UPDATE ***************9-10-11

Here is a frame I found out by my neighbors trash..Typical, Goddy, cheezy Gold frame, but structurally sound! I did the wax trick after I painted it in Cream by Annie Sloan, and here's what I got! Super cute!! I won't narrate every picture..they're pretty self explanatory..but here ya' go.. More dark wax loveliness!!!

I DID primer this...Only because it was soooooooooo  GOLD!!

Apply the dark wax potion...

Get alll up in those crevices!!

NOW, Get a nice glob of clear wax...And remove any excess you don't want!! E~Z Peasy!

See how EASY this comes off..

Keep goin'...

I've removed as much as I would like. Now  it's time to buff her up' and take her puuurdy picture!.......


Inside light..FAB!!!
Do U luv' it?! I do!!!!...Viva la DARK WAX!!!!

Dark wax kisses,


  1. Very nice! Thanks for sharing the hints about the clear and dark wax...I'm still trying to get the wax stuff right!

  2. Great job! Good Lord, fantastic find for dirt cheap! Gotta love that! Found you via Redoux. Toodles, Kathryn

  3. Nice timing! I am about to use dark wax for the very first time!! Will definitely be trying your tip.

  4. I told you that was the way to go with the wax! Don't you just love it??!! Just got another call today asking what to do with the dark wax "streakiness". Problem solved. Oh, if you mix Emperor's Silk with Old white, you get an AHHHmazing pink!


  5. I just finished up something today mixing the clear and the dark. Huge difference.
    I'm a new follower.

  6. I love your projects! Waxing makes such a huge difference it's a nice finishing touch.

  7. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. GORGEOUS wee bookshelf...LOVE your mixed colour...great frame too!

    Deborah (visiting happily from you can stop by too...)

  9. thanks for sharing your great projects! I found out the trick to dark wax the hard way...the ASCP Old White dresser I was doing was taking SO long because of the dark wax. I am following you now. I saw your post over at "Southern Hospitality".

  10. the bookcase looks awesome! and i love the finish you gave the frame- it really brings out the details!

  11. Visiting from a linky party, first time visitor. You have been busy. I haven't tried the chaulk paint yet and not even sure if I can find it but you do make it very inviting. I love the affect of the frame. Your bookshelf turned out great and so glad you featured it packed full of your needful things. Cute collection. Drop by my blog for a visit, I am hosting a giveaway to celebrate my 100 followers.
    Thanks for sharing. Kathy

  12. Gorgeous! I love that turquoise mixed color, fabulous!! i have yet to try the dark wax but I'm going to pick up some of her new colors today so I'll have to get some!

  13. Super cute! I have a huge cheesy gold mirror that I may try the whole paint/wax thing on. Thanks for the idea!

  14. Great tutorials! I wish my neighbors had frames like that by their trash! :) So glad you linked up to Show & Share! I have a giveaway going on right now would love to have you join in that also!


  15. Great tips. Thanks! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  16. I know that I already commented, but I love this idea so much! I would love for you to share it on my link party this Friday at


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