Monday, September 19, 2011

Long Beach Antique show...

Well, I DID it! L.B.C is ova' I had fun with my Sister, Genine the "Shabby Rabbit" (Turns out Shabby is HEREDITARY!)and my hubby, laughing and people watching. I still came home with more than I would have liked...and I wish I could be like woohoooooo! I sold EVERYTHING! I am completely out of inventory, I am a rock star, yadda yadda, blahzay blahzay"...  I will say this, the Long Beach Antique show is GREAT if you are a buyer because the prices there are basically along the lines of a swap meet WHICH in actuality, I told my husband that I want to go BACK as a buyer! So, I am really hoping that the Yorba Linda show I am doing in Nov. brings a better crowd..I got A LOT of compliments on my booth though! I was definitely the "Best Dressed booth there" If that counts for anything? =) .Lots of oohh's and ahhh's and second looks but alas, they were satisfied with just the opportunity to drool and fondle my items.... hahahha.Well, I am NOT discouraged I am looking forward to other shows maybe I just haven't found my own tribe yet...what do they say? " It's hard to soar like an eagle, when your surrounded by Turkeys!"  I did have a good time being with my family. YES, The whole familia came out! I did get a nice dinner too.. A Veggie Burger, fries and Strawberry shortcake! Here are some pics. for your viewing plesh-aahhhhhhhhh...

Here we are all loaded down...truck one of TWO!

Inside, filled too!

Waiting in line at ass crack of dawn, to get our spot..


And by 7 am..We were all finished setting up and ready for business!, Lookin' good Shabby LOCO!

See my trunk there in the left hand corner...lurve it!

Now, even though I was the prettiest belle of the ball....I still priced things to MOVE! FIRST edition Betty Crocker cookbook...$15 Dollars!

Antique flower frog $5

Vintage girls  hair pins..$4 bucks!

 Here are some picts from the rest of the show!!

LAH-UUVVVV That head! And have NO idea why?!

The other booths

Seltzer bottles, $15.... COOL!!!

Is this not the cutest!!!!

You guys KNOW I luv creepy old children's toys....

Hope you enjoyed the pics, and you WILL see me at another show! I just gotta' find ma' peeps, that's all!

On a high note...I DO have 3 new pieces waitin' on me though!! A cute little students desk with AWESOME Curvy legs, a low boy dresser, and a great mirror...Chat with you soon my lovelies!


  1. well you did it and people liked it...maybe the crowd just wasn't wanting to spend a lot. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. Looks great. Good luck on your next event

  2. Hi Meliss - I love the antique fair in Long Beach. My son lives right around the corner. We always walk to it when I'm visiting. Congrats on your success! Can't wait to see the lovelies you are going to be restoring.
    If you get a chance, I'd love for you to share one of your projects on my 1st Linky Party that started today!

  3. Wow those are great prices! Our 1st show is this coming Sunday... I'm so excited, but STRESSED right now. Lots to do!!!



Thanks for the message Doll face!